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Our Yin Yang magnets are both practical and aesthetic thanks to their unique lip designed for comfort and ease of use.


All our magnets are reinforced with quality glue and stitched to withstand powerful magnetic resistance.


We use only high quality materials and believe that products should be built to last.


Everything you need to practice Biomagnetism


What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

BPT or medical biomagnetism is a complementary therapy that uses magnets of varying strengths to restore the body's equilibrium.

Benefits of Biomagnetism

Numerous individuals have reported benefits from BPT, which is now being applied to address a diverse array of conditions and concerns.

What a BPT session looks like

The first treatment consists of a full body scan of over 250 biomagnetic pair points to help locate the origins of the symptoms


Differing from radiation, electricity or heat, the medium-intesity magnetic force employed in BPT does not disrupt hydrogen bonds within molecules.

A Therapy of Balance

BPT revolves around Dr. Goiz’s understanding that magnetism’s influence on water’s hydrogen ions holds a pivotal role in health. The magnetic south pole bestows a positive energetic charge (+), while the north pole yields a negative charge (-). By strategically placing magnets on the body through biomagnetic therapy, it becomes possible to alter ionic imbalances. This shift in the environment can render it inhospitable to pathogens.

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At Yin yang magnets we are committed to creating quality products while supporting local artistry. We have over 15 years specialising in Biomagnetism magnets.

About Biomagnetism

Biomagnetic pair therapy or medical biomagnetism is a complementary therapy that uses magnets of varying strengths to restore and promote equilibrium within the body.

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Living organisms maintain a remarkable energetic equilibrium within their systems, organs and tissues. On a constant basis, the organism undergoes billions of reactions and biochemical interactions, intricately maintaining the delicate balance within its network of cells and tissues

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