What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

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Biomagnetic pair therapy (BPT), also known as medical biomagnetism is a complementary therapy that uses magnets of varying strengths to restore and promote equilibrium within the body.


BPT was discovered by Mexican doctor Isaac Goiz in 1988 and involves the identification of specific ‘biomagnetic points’ across the body believed to be linked to distinct health conditions. Magnets with opposing polarities are then applied to generate a magnetic field around these body points to counteract the imbalances occurring at a cellular level. The mapping of these biomagnetic pairs has been established through Dr. Goiz’s research, spanning more than two decades.


Dr. Goiz postulated that a large array of complex diseases are associated with disruptions in the pH levels of internal organs and the presence of harmful pathogens. According to his theory, diseases cannot progress within a body characterised by harmonious pH. Consequently, the treatment’s objective is to reinstate the body’s inherent homeostasis.

The maintenance of pH within cells is crucial for various cellular processes to function properly. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, and it is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in the solution. Cells have developed mechanisms to regulate their internal pH and keep it within a narrow range, typically around pH 7.2 to 7.4 for most human cells.

Living organisms maintain a remarkable energetic equilibrium within their systems, organs and tissues. On a constant basis, the organism undergoes billions of reactions and biochemical interactions, intricately maintaining the delicate balance within its network of cells and tissues. These cells, in order to function optimally, necessitate an environment conducive to their survival and proper performance.

Within this context, the equilibrium between positive and negative charges, encompassing both cells and their surroundings, is of paramount importance in fostering an appropriate cellular milieu.

Dr. Goiz’s insights underscore the significance of pH levels in the body’s functioning. An overly acidic body (hyperacidity/low pH) becomes susceptible to viral, fungal infections, and degenerative processes. Conversely, excessive alkalinity (hyper-alkalinity/high pH) can lead to inflammation, swelling, pain, and bacterial as well as parasitic infections.


BPT revolves around Dr. Goiz’s understanding that magnetism’s influence on water’s hydrogen ions holds a pivotal role in health. The magnetic south pole bestows a positive energetic charge (+), while the north pole yields a negative charge (-). By strategically placing magnets on the body through biomagnetic therapy, it becomes possible to alter ionic imbalances. This shift in the environment can render it inhospitable to pathogens, thereby eliminating their sustenance. Pathogenic microorganisms are eradicated when their prerequisites for implantation, metabolism and replication are disrupted. Consequently, the body can embark on regeneration, as long as the organ or tissue has not reached an irreversible point in the degenerative process.


Biomagnetic pair therapy sets itself apart from magnetic therapy and magnetic acupuncture by employing pairs of magnets with opposing charges to depolarise specific unbalanced areas of the body. Numerous BPT training courses are delivered worlwide, with the therapy now being taught at some universities.

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